Local SEO for Small Businesses

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Local SEO for Small Businesses

Sam Bretzmann
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This is a complete SEO guide for local businesses chock-full of helpful resources that will enable you to build a valuable digital asset that will drive leads to your local business.

Local SEO Course Options

There are two options for you:

1 - The Simple SEO for SMBs Course - $99

This includes the complete course and all resources. Everything that you need to run a successful local SEO campaign and build a valuable online asset.

2 - SEO Health Check, Course, and Consulting - $999

This includes the entire course and all resources, as well as quarterly SEO audits, keyword tracking of 10 key terms, and two strategy sessions over the course of a year.


Hi, I’m Sam Bretzmann and I wanted to say thank you for looking into this guide.

The purpose of this guide is to equip small business owners to do quality SEO for their business by themselves.

This is not going to get into every technical or advanced detail, it’s intent is to be simple, easily followed by a business owner or their assistant or staff member. It is a guide that, if followed completely, will help to increase your website rankings for search terms that are valuable to your business, driving more leads to your business.

I will do my best to keep things short and concise. I value my time and I know you value yours.

The SEO Mindset

I want to lay out a few quick points on how you should think about and approach SEO.

1 - SEO is an investment. 

I like to think of your website and online presence like “digital real estate.” When it is set up correctly, it can be incredibly valuable to you. You are not just “doing SEO,” you are building your online presence, which will lead to more business for you.

Compare this to Paid Advertising, where you are essentially leasing that online property. You can show up on the first page of Google, as long as you continue to pay them. When you are running ads, you are leasing the land.

Wouldn’t you rather own it?

2 - SEO takes time. 

You should not expect to see overnight results. If you are ambitious and consistent, you may see results within the first couple of months, but in reality, you should plan on working on this for 12 months before you decide if it is or is not worth it. And even then, I would advise some form of continual ongoing effort, as you can continue to build and expand your online real estate.

3 - We want leads. 

The whole point of getting people to your website is to generate leads. We'll walk you through how to best set up and use your website to convert your visitors to leads.

SEO Results

A few examples of some of the results we see with our clients.

Guess when we started working on this account?

Moving one of our clients onto the first page in a competitive niche and location.

New rankings for attorneys in a high competition location.

Number 1 local rankings for a pool business we work with

I'm looking forward to your success!

I want this!

The Local SEO Course and Resources

SEO Guide
Simple Keyword Research Tool
Analytics Template
Content Strategy Template
Hub & Spoke Example
On-Page Checklist
Complete SEO Checklist
SEO Done-For-You Pricing Guide
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